Have you got a nose for business?

Have the best team building day with your pet, colleagues and their four-legged friends!

Working from home is a whole lot better when your pets are involved!

Pets@Work Day is a one-of-a-kind virtual fundraising event which brings you and your colleagues together, alongside your beloved pets! Joined by one of our Behaviour and Training Specialists (BaTS), you’ll receive plenty of expert pet advice and be given the opportunity to share your pet stories, ask questions and take part in lots of fun activities! You’ll be helping to make a difference to the lives of homeless pets in need. A donation of £5 could help could pay for a kitten’s essential first vaccination. Once you sign up, we’ll provide you with all the tools, advice and activities you need to have the best day in with your pets!

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You’ll help pets like Polly

Polly’s owners came to Wood Green seeking help with their young, hyperactive beagle. She had started to guard the children’s toys and steal things from the table. Our Behaviour and Training Specialist Team helped to improve the family’s environment which made Polly feel more settled and now she knows the drop command. The whole family, including Polly, feel more relaxed and happier in the home. “Your reassurance and advice had made the world of difference and we are so grateful.”

Frequently asked questions

Find answers here to the most commonly asked questions about our challenge.

What is involved in Pets@Work Day?

Pets@Work Day is all about getting together with your colleagues over Zoom or Teams and having a fun-filled day with your pets! Lift your spirits with plenty of activities, competitions and of course, pet-talk! Best of all, you’ll be joined by one of our Behaviour and Training Specialists for a Q&A session, answering all your questions about your pets. Here are a few fun ways you can involve your pets in your working day:
* Work from home with your pet beside you
* Include them in your video calls
* Have their picture as your virtual background or email sign off
* If you have a dog, go for a walk on your lunch break and share your photos with your colleagues

How do I sign up to Pets@Work Day?

Go to the registration section above, enter your details and leave the rest to us! We’ll send you everything you need to run the event including resources and inspiration.

What support will Wood Green give me?

Once you sign up, we will provide you with advice, inspiration and downloads to help you run the day. We will provide support for the following four activities:
* Virtual Q&A session with one of our Behaviour and Training Specialists
* Pet-lookalike photo competition
* Pet and human bake sale
* Pet enrichment toy competition

How much of a donation should I ask from participants?

We suggest £5 or anything that best suits your company and employees. Remember every pound raised helps us continue to make a difference to the lives of pets and people across the UK, funding numerous areas of our work including critical operations, urgently needed medicines, life-saving warmth and specialist food for thousands of homeless and abandoned pets.

When should I hold my Pets@Work Day?

It’s completely up to you! You can host Pets@Work Day whenever you like, all year round. The main thing to consider is the availability of our Behaviour and Training Specialists who will join you for a Q&A session on the day. Once you sign up using the registration form, you will receive a welcome e-mail with instructions on how to request a suitable date and time.

What does the Behaviour and Training Specialist session involve?

In your Q&A session with one of our BaTS, you will be able to have all your burning pet questions answered by an expert in the field of animal behaviour. This is the perfect opportunity for you to learn more about pets, their needs and behaviours. You will receive a questions sheet to note down any questions you might want to submit prior to the event. The Q&A sessions will be 30 minutes, however for larger groups, we would look into organising two sessions on the same day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

How do I pay in the money we raise?

We encourage you to set up a JustGiving page, this is a great way to pay in your donations and we will receive the funds automatically. You can also call us on 0300 303 9333 to pay in using your credit or debit card. Or you can post your donations – simply make cheques payable to Wood Green, The Animals Charity and send to us at Wood Green, King’s Bush Farm, London Road, Godmanchester, Cambridgeshire PE29 2NH. Please be sure to mention that the money has been raised from your Pets@Work Day event.

What happens to the money we raise?

Every year, thousands of sick and abandoned animals come through Wood Green’s doors. The money you raise will help us provide poorly pets with the specialist food, shelter and veterinary care they need to get them back on their feet. With your kind support, you’ll be helping us find permanent, loving homes for homeless pets in need.

Who are the Behavioural and Training Specialist (BaTS) Team?

Our Behaviour and Training Specialists (BaTS) are a knowledgeable team of experts who provide advice and support to pet owners, helping them maintain a happy and fulfilling relationship with their pet. They’ll explore the reasons and triggers behind a pet’s behaviour, ask key questions to establish the reasons behind the cause of the behaviour and then work on the solution. Behaviour is driven by emotion and figuring out what that emotion is, will help an owner understand and resolve behavioural issues.

What if some of my staff don’t have pets?

Absolutely anyone can join in Pets@Work Day regardless of whether they have a pet or not. This will be a fun day for all colleagues to learn more about one another, get to know their pets and take part in fun activities during the call. What’s more, it will offer a wonderful opportunity to learn all about pets and explore their options for the future!

Can I take part if I live outside of the UK?

Yes of course. One of the best things about this event is that it’s virtual, as long as you have a WiFi connection and access to a video chat software like Zoom or Teams, you’re all set! Simply register your details in the section above, set up a JustGiving page, then look out for your welcome email. We will contact you to discuss your requirements. If you have any questions, please email: corporate@woodgreen.org.uk.